Who We Are

Megan Morrow, Founder and Owner of Red Carpet Marketing, has always had a passion for the film industry.

A radio, television and motion picture major from UNC Chapel Hill, Megan began selling on screen advertising for Our Town Cinemas in Davidson, North Carolina in 2012. Prior to this time, Megan had been busy as a mother, fundraiser and realtor in the Lake Norman area. Working in cinema advertising allowed Megan to blend her community connections, sales and marketing experience and reconnect her love of the cinema industry. Three years later, in 2015, Red Carpet Marketing was born!

By connecting to the community Red Carpet Marketing helps small business owners reach local customers and build their brand through cinema advertising. On screen advertising is “win win” for all parties, increasing revenue for theater owners and cinema advertisers. “No workday is the same,” says Megan. “I get to hang out with entrepreneurs and visionaries which is always exhilarating! No dull days at my office! Whether it’s a theater owner or business owner, I get to meet new people, learn about their businesses, their passions and help them grow their dreams!” 

“Supersize your brand on the big screen.”

“Stand out from the competition.”